Google AMP


There are some things going on here that you don't need to understand, just know that the mobile user wants it NOW. In fact, 2 seconds is too long as over 50% are gone by then.

First, What is AMP

OK, so Why AMP?

Movie Above

The movie directly above was made for Developers who wish to program in AMP.
Did you watch it? Did you understand all the terms he used? Probably not, most folks don't, we aren't Developers.
So, you might expect the next step is to hire a Developer to redo your site, right?
The Webmasters and Developers are all licking their chops because now they can go back to all their customers and charge them all over again for this "newest technology."

Not So

Since Google was smart enough to make the code open source you can now break away from the Webmasters and Developers completely.
AppVOLV offers this platform a very simple to use, FREE program that is a Drag and Drop, What-You-See-is-What-You-Get Format. (WYSIWYG) Remember that term from six years ago? It went away when Developers had to program for websites, tablets, and all the different types of mobile devices and programming got complicated.

Incredible System

AppVOLV is so advanced it includes both of the new systems for Free, the AMP platform and the Google Progressive Web App platform. See
Appvolv, the Evolution of Apps.

So now you can break away from the expensive Webmasters and Developers and pretty much do everything you need on your own.

So What's in it for Us?

Conversions fall by 12% for every extra second a webpage takes to load. If you want people to engage with your brand and improve the performance of your campaigns, you have to speed things up. AMP offers a way for you to give users a faster experience everywhere -- on ads, landing pages or your entire website on Any Device.

With our systems you will be delivering all sorts on content to folks on their mobile devices because your GeoFence or Beacon will be serving up information while they are right near the target. We need this information to happen NOW, in Real Time and typical website servers Will Not Work. 

Imagine what will happen if a customer is strolling through your store, coming in range of your beacons that broadcast information about specific items or sections, and that content stalls out because of your website. You got it, they are gone. You have less than 2 seconds for ANY content to be delivered.

Are major companies using it?
With the World going Mobile, you need to check out this Free System.
Here is a video highlighting the 2018 Amp conference in Amsterdam.

First, note this opening screen...
Companies across the spectrum from Reddit and Airbnb to Yahoo and the Washington Post are switching to AMP.  Why, the bottom line is More Profit and FAR More engagements because of the speed. 


Here is something you probably haven't seen before. All our systems include this at no charge, including Whats-OUT, Pulse-OUT and AppVOLV.
Webmasters can't do it and the Developers know this so it gives them another reason to Jack up the price.
But WE include it for FREE! We look out for you.