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Just how do you do this?

Location Based GeoTargeting
with your own, Free GeoFence.

Look around, your customers are Already Engaging someone on their Smart Phones, Unfortunately that is NOT YOU.

We give you the opportunity to Change that for FREE.

Isn't it time you joined the 21st Century?

Isn't it time you staked your claim on the ONE thing your customers and prospects use more than anything they own...Their Smart Phone?

Isn't it time you gave your customers and prospects what they are already looking for, a way to Engage you on Their Device of Choice and on Their Terms?

Isn't it time you took control of your advertising budget, tracked it's effectiveness, identified your customers for re-marketing, and do all this for a fraction of what you are now spending?

Your prospects are already downloading the FindCashApp because it will do just that.

They are looking to Engage Retailers who are Close, Now.

The only question for them is really quite simple...

Will that be YOU or Your Competitor?

It's Quite Simple.

Accept these new customers...

OR Push them to your competitor.

OK, so just How will you do that?
With your Own FREE GeoFence.

I've heard about this, does it really work?

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